Union Hill

Mission Statement

ESIproperties acquires distressed real estate properties that are in different levels of disrepair, and transforms them into beautiful, modern, updated homes.

Teaming up with qualified local tradesman we deliver a home that has been redesigned to meet current lifestyles and aesthetics. We believe that a home whether it be an entry level, or high end should not only be comfortable, but have the highest degree of design style and craftsmanship, using the best quality materials, and products.

Giving back is an important part of ESIproperties mission. Working to help qualified first time home buyers, we provide assistance with funds for closing cost on the purchase of their new home. By giving financial assistance to first time home buyers, using local tradesman, revitalizing neighborhoods one home at a time, we contribute to the growth of our economy.

Building a brand on measured success, high integrity, quality craftsmanship, community  improvement,  and  strong  professional  partnerships.